Gender : Male Female Height (cm) : Weight (KG) : Age :
Activity Level* :
Sedentary - Work at a desk job and don’t exercise
Light activity- work at a desk job but do some light regular exercise or don’t exercise but work in an active job (eg. Waitress/ waiter)
Moderate activity- maybe work in a sedentary job but you train hard regularly
Very active- you train hard most of the week and work a job that keeps you on your feet
Extra active- train hard and work in a job that’s physically very demanding (eg.. Construction worker)
Goal Weight (KG) : Time Period In Weeks**
** Within how many weeks you would like to achieve your goal weight

Grams Calories %
BMR {{BMR}} Recommended protein intake {{RecommendedProteinGrams}} {{RecommendedProteinCalories}} {{RecommendedProteinPercent}}
Maintenance Calories {{MaintenanceCal}} For a high protein diet {{RecommendedHighProteinGrams}} {{RecommendedHighProteinCalories}} {{RecommendedHighProteinPercent}}
Caloric deficit/surplus required {{Caloriesdefsur}}
Calories required to reach your goal {{CaloriesRequired}}

NOW, how would you like to split your macros?
** If you are happy with the protein recommendation above, just add the % above to the % protein below**
% Protein % Fat % Carbohydrates

Protein intake (Grams) {{ProteinIntakeGrams}} Protein intake (Calories) {{ProteinIntakeCalories}}
Fat intake (Grams) {{FatIntakeGarms}} Fat intake (Calories) {{FatIntakeCalories}}
Carbohydrate intake (Grams) {{CarbohydrateIntakeGrams}} Carbohydrate intake (Calories) {{CarbohydrateIntakeCalories}}