Nutrition2Change was founded in August 2019 by Paula Sawicka. It is a health and fitness organisation that provides a variety of products and services that are committed to improving people’s health and help them reach their fitness goals. 

Now a little message from Paula, the founder and CEO.

“My name is Paula, and let me explain why I started my business.

As the fitness industry grows so does the information found online. A lot of the time the information provided is biased and unreliable with social influencers taking over the industry, promoting products and services that provide misleading information, have no proven effects and often damage people’s health. 

Feeling the need to clear up the messy information, I developed an urge to learn about the fundamentals of nutrition and fitness. With the goal in mind to spread legitimate and accurate information, I completed a Level 3 Personal Training Diploma and further achieved a Level 4 Nutrition Degree.  This allowed me to set up this business so I can help people understand the mechanics behind weight loss, weight gain, macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements and more! 

I am here to support you all in your fitness journey, and to use my knowledge and expertise to help the fitness industry prosper. We need to work together!”

Nutrition consultant