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dinner meal
OMAD Diet: What is it and how does it work?
OMAD is a new invention among the weight loss community. It stands for One Meal A Day and as the Read more.
Indian gooseberry
Triphala Churna, Health benefits, Uses and Side effects
What is triphala Churna? Triphala Churna is a mixture of herbs and or minerals used in centuries-old Indian remedy known Read more.
beautiful fresh skin
Marine Collagen: What is it and what are its benefits
Beauty and health is a number one priority for many women and men, and with so many beauty supplements out Read more.
hot chilli peppers
Capsimax vs Cayenne: Two Thermogenic Fat burners
Capsimax is a thermogenic fat burner that is certainly levelling up to Cayenne pepper which is another thermogenic fat burner. Read more.
nike running shoes
The Best running shoes for 2020
Running is a great endurance exercise to maintain your health and fitness levels. However, running without appropriate shoes can have Read more.
Green juice
The Sirtfood Diet: The complete beginner’s guide
New diets and dieting strategies pop up regularly, with the Sirtfood diet being one of the latest. This diet was Read more.
pregnant woman exercising
How to lose weight after pregnancy?
Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical occurrence but many women struggle to achieve a healthy weight after pregnancy. Your body Read more.
Vegan Keto Diet: A Complete Beginner’s guide
If a ketogenic diet wasn’t hard enough, there is now a vegan keto diet. As more people around the world Read more.
mushroom coffee
Mushroom coffee: A comprehensive Review
Mushroom coffee is the new health movement as it combines the health benefits of coffee and mushrooms in a tasty Read more.
Calorie Deficit: Lose weight and stay healthy
Are you looking to lose weight and shed some excess fat? If yes, then you’ll need to be in a Read more.