The power of creatine monohydrate

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What is Creatine Monohydrate?

Creatine Monohydrate is a supplement which improves gym performance. Creatine is one that has been sufficiently researched with reliable results proving a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine increases muscle concentrations of creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate improves anaerobic exercise (high intensity), increases lean body mass during a caloric deficit, improves strength and power, and reduces fatigue (Norton and Baker, 2019). Other benefits observed from creatine monohydrate supplementation is cognitive performance, this includes; 

  • reduction in mental fatigue 
  • sleep deprivation  
  • improves working memory (Patel, 2019). 

Therefore, creatine may be perfect for you if you are a power lifter, bodybuilder or under a strict diet plan. 

What are different types of creatine?

You can also find different types of creatine on the market like creatine ethyl ester, buffered creatine and creatine HCL but no evidence shows that these are any better than creatine monohydrate. There are some people who don’t respond well to creatine, its estimated about 30% of people are non-responders. This may be due to the fact that your body already produces creatine and therefore those people won’t benefit from supplementation as they won’t need any more creatine (Norton and Patel, 2019).  

Creatine side effects

Creatine can have some uncomfortable side effects, for example, if you take creatine without drinking enough water you may experience: 

  • stomach cramping 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Nausea. 

Creatine dosage

The best way to take creatine is by cycling dosage. To start, it’s recommended to take 0.3g per kg of bodyweight per day for approximately 7 days and then 0.03g per kg of bodyweight per day for another 3 weeks. You can have a break for a couple weeks then restart or you can just continue (Patel et al , 2019). 

Our recommendation!

As a result of our research, we believe that the creatine monohydrate below is definitely a wee pro! Why? Because each serving contains 5g of PURE CREATINE MONOHYDRATE. It simply can’t get better than this.


In conclusion, we are happy to say that creatine is a great supplement to take whilst training, evidence shows that it does help with muscle building and maintaining lean muscles when you are in a caloric deficit. Just keep in mind that the best way to make the most of this supplement is by cycling it like explained earlier.  

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